How to book a bike

First you need to register and create your own account at After filling in your email and clicking on the TEST button, an activation link will arrive at the email address you provided. This one-time link needs to be activated. The system will automatically log you in and show you a user form where you can set your login password.

After you create an account and log in to, click the BIKE TEST button in the top menu. You will see a list of bicycles by categories. You can use the filter above the list to filter them. For more information about a particular model, click the model name. Then you will see detailed information about the bike as well as the section BOOKING THIS BICYCLE, where you will see the time schedule of the model. You can only choose from terms that will be listed as free for a particular model. Just click the BOOK button. Subsequently, the system will redirect you to a page where you confirm your selection. Here you will also have the opportunity to order export by lift.

If you have already decided on a certain bike model, you can use the accelerated booking. Just use the BOOK link directly in the bike list to see the schedule directly below the model name.
To book a bicycle to another family member (e.g., a child), you need to create a second account. The system does not allow 2 bikes to be booked at the same time.
You can freely change your booked bikes until the end of the online booking of bicycles (approx. 2 days before BikeFest). These changes need not be confirmed separately. Reservations that you see in the MY BICYLE TESTING section automatically apply.
CAUTION: Bicycle testing is always paid for the entire day. A maximum of 5 bikes can be tested per day. If you book a bike for a day that is not yet paid, a red button to confirm your reservation will appear in the top right corner. If you do not confirm and book the reservation, your reservation will be canceled automatically in an hour and the bicycles will be released to other candidates.

ATTENTION, you have reserved the selected model and deadline only after you have passed the check, order submission and payment steps! Payment for the order is made via an online credit card, via a secure Tatra banka CardPay gateway.

The system automatically sends the invoices to the email you signed up with. You can also find them in the client area in the My Orders section, where you have an overview of all orders along with your invoices. Invoices that are a tax document will only be displayed after payment!

By June 1st, 2023, you can exchange any of the selected bicycles for free. However, if you make a change that changes the final cost of testing (e.g., add another day), the order must be re-confirmed and the system will generate an order again. This has to be paid through the payment gateway.

If you make changes that do not change the price, there is no need to reconfirm the order.

The system also allows you to change your order. If you decide to reserve bikes for a few days instead of one day, simply order them, confirm your order and pay only the difference in amount.
You can also order a lift by day, but only if you submit at least one new bicycle reservation with it. If you already have all the dates for that day, we recommend that you cancel one bike and then reserve it again with additional services.

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