Friday, 29.05.2020, 11:00
Traditional pump race on big pumptrack in Kellys Bikepark Kálnica. Opening races of BikeFest are truly for every participant. On asphalt track you don’t have to worry, not even about bad weather.

System of the race:
Based on the results of qualification, maximum of 8 bikers will continue from each category into the semifinals. Based on the results of the semifinals, best 4 bikers from each category will continue into the finals. In case there will be less than 6 riders in each category, semifinals will be left out and the best 4 bikers from qualifications will continue into the Finals. The final win will depend on the time of the final race. Chain is allowed on pumptrack.

Track: big pumptrack

Friday 29th of May 2020

Until 10th of May 2020 with name
Until 27th of May 2020 online
Until 29th of May until 10:30 am at the venue

5 € online
10 €  at the venue



up to 9 years (from 2011)
10 - 12 years (2010-2008)
13-15 years (2007-2005)
Junior up to 18 years (from 2002)
Hobby from 19 years (up to 2001)
Elite from 19 years (up to 2001)
Woman from 16 years (up to 2004)


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